Global Poker. USA Poler. Yes, only Washington State restricted. Proprietary closed ie. Top 5 in USA market. Malta Gaming Authority. Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Pineapple. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. Bank Transfer. Global Poker Overall 4. Global Poker is doing something very different in the USA online online blackjack market. Global Poker makes it work by allowing online poker players to is global poker rigged Gold Coins, get free bonus Sweeps Coins, and then redeem those Sweeps Coins for cash prizes.

Global Poker is marketing itself view article recreational poker players on places like Facebook and Google as a social poker site that sells play money.

Under the hood is a fully-featured legal poker site where players can redeem their Sweeps Coins for cash prizes. The business model can be a little confusing, but it has allowed Global Poker to thrive over several years. Global Poker now has some of the highest online is global poker rigged traffic in the USA. Global Poker has high player traffic, with dozens of active cash games constantly running.

That beats out a number of more well-known online poker sites. More importantly, the players are extremely soft overall. Global Poker has a is global poker rigged argument of being the most legit online poker site servicing Americans with cash prizes.

No one else can say that. Global Poker is also open to Canadian players, excluding Quebec. The software is simple and streamlined, mostly catering globbal recreational poker players. Global Poker also processes every major credit card for purchases at some of the best rates in the industry. However, Global Poker has become a force in online poker for some compelling reasons. I play at Global haven't had a single issue. It's been awesome actually. Cashouts with no fees. I pokfr the Kurt Busch series and am still waiting on my autographed piece of his is global poker rigged car though.

I'm enjoying the site. Si have played at pretty much all of the poker sites that have existed since they first came out in early to mid 's and Global Poker by far has earned more of my trust than the others. I appreciate how they require multiple identity verification gloal when verifying accounts. Why are people complaining about these things - who knows? And the final bonus Players coming from this page can also now is global poker rigged a private Global Is global poker rigged bonus code offer.

You can see complete details of this secret offer in our dedicated Global Poker bonus code page. The 50 Sweeps Coins is global poker rigged is 30 more than normal players receive and you still can claim 20 more Sweeps Coins free with is global poker rigged no-purchase package by is global poker rigged your ix. Global Poker was previously relying on attracting players through its other promotions and the fact that purchasing there is so easy.

I would volunteer that skipping a fat and hard-to-earn bonus is worth legal games and easy purchases riggedd redemptions at Global Poker. The vast majority of online poker players never see all of their promotional money. Giveaways are done through occasional Global Poker freerolls or promotions on the Global Poker Facebook page.

A final interesting way to get 5SC in free Sweeps Coins is to send an envelope in the mail to Global Poker requesting it. You'll first need to visit Global Poker from a link on this page to see the special free bonus package. Then, you'll need is global poker rigged create a new account and verify it.

Sweeps Coins can be used to buy in to any Sweeps Coins cash prize game or tournament. There is no purchase or payment required to get this. Global Poker is the only online poker site with cash prizes that is legal in is global poker rigged U. Is global poker rigged have structured their games to comply globwl state sweepstakes law, giving greater security to players than other offshore poker sites.

Global Poker offers play money games, called Gold Coin games. They also offer Sweeps Coin games, which can be redeemed for cash prizes. Technically, you pay for Gold Coins and get free Sweeps Coins, but the latter is what you actually redeem for prizes. They have an official license from the Malta Gaming Authority, work with large payment processors, and have several years' worth of consistent cash prize redemptions.

By figuring poekr a unique sweepstakes gaming model, Global Poker also separates themselves from a lot of the regulatory questions that face other offshore poker sites. One of the biggest rkgged of Global Poker was their lack of bonus for pokef players. Say goodbye to that. Global Poker seems to be going for the throat of the American and Canadian online poker markets, blowing riggfd the bonuses offered everywhere else.

The twist is that the prize pool is randomized. Global Poker determines the Jackpot prize pool before each tournament based on a formula.

Global Pokker offers Jackpots in the following buy-ins with these SnGs and you can play in up to 4 at once:.

Although rogged lot of Global Poker players like them, any tournament with small chip stacks and fast blind increases erodes the gap between rigyed and skill considerably. I think the Bonanza tournaments are some of the best is global poker rigged good promotions at Global Poker if you actually play at the site.

The buy-in is only 0. With typically less than 1, players, the value is essentially 5SC. If you play multiple tables, you can divide that per table.

EST every dayagain with only a 0. You only have to see 50 cash game flops to quality. Add that all up and pomer can play in 8,SC worth of Bonanza tournaments for under 1SC of total buy-ins. One of the biggest complaints about Global Poker from old-school online poker players seems to be about the Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins system. Global Poker is every bit of a poker site as anywhere else. However, you instead purchase Gold Coins, which come with bonus Sweeps Coins. These Sweeps Coins can then be used to riggwd cash prizes.

At Global Poker, you buy Gold Coins, which are like play money. You then get free Sweeps Coins equal to your purchase amount. Finally, you is global poker rigged redeem your Sweeps Coins for cash prizes whenever you choose to.

Global Poker uses a proprietary processor called WorldPay to handle credit is global poker rigged purchases. That allows Globbal Poker to accept:. Every online poker is global poker rigged globl going to have a credit card, which is why ribged poker site already accepts them.

The problem is gloval a lot of US-based banks will is global poker rigged transactions to online poker or any gambling site. This means that Global Poker is going to accept nearly every US credit card because your bank probably will code it as a game or sweepstakes rather than a gambling site.

The ability to charge Amex, Discover, or even Diners Club cards is also a rare perk and Global Poker is one of the only online poker sites open is global poker rigged the United States to offer that. Bitcoin should really be added to match larger poker sites like Ignition Poker. However, Global Poker has really done the next-best thing, which is accept every credit card without fees and without hassle.

Next to everyone has PayPal, but everyone has a credit card. Global Poker recently added the ability to purchase Gold Coin packages is global poker rigged from your bank accountwhich is the best method yet. You then find your bank in the list, log in using your link account credentials, and make your purchase.

Global Poker supports every major bank in the United States and even has hundreds of smaller ones. When you start to review the purchase methods at Global Poker, the controversy riyged. The major draw of Global Poker used to be that PayPal could be used for purchases and redemptions.

Global Poker had a corner on the market because no one else in the American-facing online poker market offers PayPal payments. In fact, hardly any poker site around the world offers PayPal. PayPal support also gllbal a lot of credibility to Global Poker. It is global poker rigged made eigged seem like they were they only ones offering legal online poker. When Global Poker lost PayPal, the online poker community lost its pokker a bit.

The Internet is going to Internet, full of virtual rioters ready to take up their pitchforks against the scapegoat of the week.

Global Poker was gkobal of baiting and switching online poker players, being close to financial ruin, not sending player redemptions, and other assorted conspiracy theories. I partially fell victim to the hype, honestly believing that it meant Global Poker was in financial trouble or ia to be legally shut down. Global Poker has also started running Pineapple games, but those rarely have any players.

If you thought poker iss were hard on Global Poker for their purchase options, they were just getting warmed up for their wrath about redemptions. Global Poker will get your prize redemption straight to your bank account in business dayswhich is extremely rrigged.